SBI Car Insurance

SBI Car Insurance

Recently, there has been a greatly disturbing trend of car accidents owing to natural calamities, increased number of cars, drivers not following traffic rules, rash driving, etc. Thus, it is crucial to protect your vehicle with the best car insurance, i.e., SBI car insurance, which covers your losses and provides beneficial add-ons.

SBI car insurance is salient due to profit-based personalized pricing and transparency. One can avail this additional discounts if they are 36–60 years old. Differentiated customer service and fast settlement of claims are ensured by SBI under this policy. Claim service is usually aimed at providing quick assistance in emergency situations, stress- and hassle-free claims, and constant updates on claim progression.


SBI car insurance proffers a personal accident cover of Rs. 15 lac to an individual owner of a car; however, this is not applicable for company-owned vehicles. Occupants of an insured vehicle receive a personal cover of Rs. 2 lac each, which can increase based on additional premium. Other benefits are as follows:

  • Third party liability, which is mandated by the law.
  • Damage to a vehicle due to natural calamities, such as storm, flood, and earthquakes, and/or any burglary, theft, or terrorist activities
  • Nil depreciation ensures that one gets the full amount claimed for the insured car without any deduction of the depreciation value.
  • Bi-fuel kit, key replacement, and loss of personal belongings are also covered.
  • No claim bonus (NCB) protection: Under this policy, a vehicle is renewed by the company, and an insured vehicle is usually repaired in a company-authorized garage. The rate of NCB during renewal is at par with time before a loss is incurred.

SBI car insurance can be purchased and renewed online by filling out required details on the official website. 


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